Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Eric is CEO of REV.1 Engineering which is a product design, development and engineering company specializing in medical technology. REV.1 is the premier product development resource, proven to get start-ups and market leaders to their goals.

Temecula, California, United States
Member since September 07, 2016
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Eric Johnson is the CEO and co-founder of REV.1 Engineering and a veteran of medical device product development since 1995. After working for Stryker Instruments, Guidant Corporation, Boston Scientific and running various entrepreneurial ventures of his own, Eric teamed with Phil Burke to create REV.1 Engineering.
Eric has expertise in every stage of medical equipment manufacturing, from concept and medical equipment design to medical device testing and full product development. Starting in medical device manufacturing and transitioning through advance manufacturing project management, research and development, and early product research, Eric progressed into specializing in recognizing new product concepts, creating intellectual property and working with physicians and key opinion leaders to develop early market-leading concepts. Eric is named on over 30 patents and numerous applications related to orthopedic tools, angioplasty, pacemaker leads, wound closure, electrophysiology devices, and catheter delivery systems.
Through the years, Eric and his teams have released medical device products that have made positive impacts in thousands of patient's lives. REV.1 Engineering was founded in 2008 with the goal of building a Medical Device Product Development Company that moves at lightning speed with the upmost integrity within the challenging and regulated medical device industry. Eric created REV.1 Engineering so that he would have the opportunity to continue to drive many more quality products to market that will both make a positive impact in patient's lives, and create value for clients.
Eric and his partners have developed medical products in a wide range of fields including Spinal Pacing, Angioplasty Delivery Systems, Ablation Catheters, Spinal Implants, Suture/Vessel Repair Systems, Tran apical Access/Closure Devices, Infusion pumps, Incision Closure Devices, Radiation Protection, Electroporation, Optical systems, GI Devices, and Electrical Mapping Catheters.