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Enrica La Palombara

I am working in the unconventional advertising field and as a communication consultat for a UK start up. Previously, I worked in the USA and in Italy, as web content, business developer, marketing.

Rome, Italy
Member since December 11, 2013
I am a very motivated person, with skills in the communications field. I am working in the unconventional advertising field and as a communication consultant for a start up. I love to work in the communication and adv field because, for me, is the only way to always stay tuned and be updated on the society where we all live! Quote_down
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I graduated in Political Science in Italy, in 2011 and I am attending a Master of specialization, today, in Brand Management.

I am working in the unconventional advertising field as account and as a communication consultant for a UK start up. My previous working experiences where in the communication and marketing fields. I worked as business developer, web content responsible, social media junior manager, video editor, and event planner.

I also worked for a political communication companyin Seattle and for the International and Exchange Students Office at the LUISS University in Rome.

I worked both in Italy and in the USA (San Francisco and Seattle).

I am able to plan a marketing strategy, to draw a brand plan and to create an adv campaign. I also know how to record and edit a video. I am pretty good at using Excel and the Office suite. Public relations is one of my attitude. During my working experiences I learned how to work in a team, to never give up and find the means to achieve your goal, to work under pressure and to share knowledge also in multicultural environments; I also acquired good problem solving skills and learned how to plan and arrange an event, how to deal with and listen to your client’s needs, how to take part in a brain storming session and how to think “above the line” to give birth to the best copy for your brand.