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Cuesent CRM

San Diego, California, United States
Member since September 15, 2009
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CRM - Customer Relationship Management to strengthen small, medium and large sized business.

CRM from Cuesent™ accelerate the growth of clients by delivering cost-effective improvements in sales and customer service. Having the right Customer relationship management solution for business is key to your success. Cuesent™ CRM solutions driven by a customer-centric approach expands the capabilities of sales force. A suite of CRM Products from On demand CRM to customized CRM solutions incorporate innovative features to bring visibility in your business.

Cuesent™ provide highest level of competence to your business with dynamic CRM products that include:

  •  CRM Sales Force Automation
  •  Customer Service & Support CRM
  •  Marketing CRM / Marketing Automation
  •  Work flow Management CRM
  •  On Demand CRM
  •  Customized CRM

Who we are:

Founded in 2008, Cuesent™ has a workforce of (240) people, willing to go the extra mile to do things right . A diverse group that cover all the major segments of CRM.

What we do:

we are pioneering the future of CRM. At Cuesent™ we give our clients the exceptional advantage over competitors by providing feasible custom relationship management solutions in a cost-effective way.

Our mission:

Cuesent™ strive towards building long-term relationship with unleashing your full potential in business process optimization. We focus on quality with raising the industry standards to increase productivity and improve customer service.

Our Philosophy:

Cuesent™ is committed to integrity,innovation and superior service. As a CRM-driven technology company, we dramatically lower the cost of sales force. We upgrade our products by learning from our customers.