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Deep Dhillon

Seattle, Washington, United States
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Deep Dhillon is an accomplished engineer and systems architect with extensive experience conceptualizing, architecting and deploying multiple advanced networking applications.

Before joining Evri, Mr. Dhillon was the Director of Engineering at Insightful Corporation (now Tibco), in the Text Analysis and Search business division. In this role, he led the development efforts for InFact, a large scale natural language processing based enterprise text analysis platform and search engine. In the summer of 2007, Mr. Dhillon helped oversee incorporating InFact’s intellectual property, core team and technology into Evri.

Prior to Insightful, Mr. Dhillon was a founder and chief scientist at music search and identification company, Cantametrix. At Cantametrix, Mr. Dhillon led a team to build the world's first, large scale, fully automated, digital signal processing based music identification and classification system. This technology has evolved into Sony Gracenote's Music Id technology and is employed daily by millions of users in many diverse applications including Apple's iTunes, Yahoo! Music Engine and many other audio appliances.

Before founding Cantametrix, Mr. Dhillon was a research engineer at Metapath Software International (which became GEC Marconi). Prior to that, Mr. Dhillon was a member of the technical staff at GTE Laboratories (now Verizon), in the Advanced Systems Laboratory, where he developed advanced interactive Internet prototypes and served as a consultant to GTE business units.