Deena Blumenkrantz, PhD

Deena Blumenkrantz, PhD

Director of Partner Relations at Vator Background in Precision Medicine

San Francisco Bay Area
Member since July 25, 2017
Passionate advocate for health Quote_down
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2017 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Influenza Virology
2013 Imperial College London , PhD , Virology
2002 UC Davis , BS , Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Driven by the desire to reduce the burden of infectious diseases I researched influenza, tuberculosis, and RSV at Imperial College London and Johns Hopkins. 

During my PhD and Postdoc I saw a lot of knowledge and know-how circulate among academics. I am now working to move academics' knowledge and skills into applications that will benefit society. 


Scientific areas of experience:

Infectious Diseases (influenza, TB, RSV - vaccines, antivirals, diagnostics, therapeutic antibodies); Immunology (innate, adaptive); Inflammation; Asthma; Diabetes