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David Shantz

I've had a role in the earliest stages of over 20 successful new ventures. I am the marketing guy in a new venture or initiative, design, UI/UX and iterative development. Strong tech side.

San Rafael, California, United States
Member since January 28, 2010
We are marketing, branding and design experts specializing in launching new ideas. Our development work is focussed on proof-of-concept apps and sites that demonstrate demand and quantify cost of customer acquisition. Quote_down
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If you are an entrepreneur, why?

Building and creating something new is much more interesting than following the established path.

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I have experience at working with teams through the uniquely iterative type of marketing required for launching new ideas. I have experience in leading tech-driven, user defined initiatives for early stage new ventures and in bringing a collaborative start-up ethos to enterprise cleints.

I bring a rich understanding and practical experience with the key marketing functions for launching new products and companies: Naming, trademarks, brand, interfaces, user experience and all aspects of marketing for gaining traction in new markets. Directly responsible for UI/UX for site and application development, video and infographic production as well as all aspects of direct and digital marketing.