David Currie
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David Currie

Lean startup exec/founder at Quote Roller, Etera(Corio), Scanalert (McAfee). Raised seed and/or series A for three companies.

Website: www.quoteroller.com
San Francisco, California, United States
Accredited investor
Member since February 04, 2010
I am passionate about sharing the empowerment of creative entrepreneurship with anyone who will listen. There will never be too many of us! Be sure to check out Quote Roller and vote for us! Quote_down
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David Currie, CEO: 17 year serial entrepreneur with multiple ASP and SaaS startups including Etera Systems which was acquired for stock by Corio (’00 IPO followed) and Scan Alert, acquired by McAfee in ’08. David is a risk taker, climber, diver, skier and dog lover, and now purveyor of the worlds best SMB Quote to Cash Cloud applicaiton.