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I am the CEO of eweware, an internet startup in Santa Monica, CA. We create platforms and software, focused around content, social sharing and eCommerce, all with a lot of control over identity. Our current product is the social sharing platform Heard ( I have worked in the computer field basically forever, since about 1982, from academic research to gaming start-ups. My first computer was a Bell Labs CARDIAC. I still have it! I have extensive experience in China. I lived there for more than five years and am very knowledgeable about the software and interaction design industry there, particularly around mobile. I have formed several companies. I co-founded ImaginEngine (the children's software company) as well as mobile gaming in China and even private investigation. I also run the software design consulting firm Advanced UX. In my down time I have a lot of hobby activities including fiction writing, performance poetry, and cinema. Specialties: computer forensics, user studies, ideation, rapid prototyping, tool building, story telling, user experience, design