Daniel Hawthorn

Daniel Hawthorn

Startup engineering fanatic, serial entrepreneur, and Director of Engineering at Originate.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielhawthorn
San Francisco, CA
Member since April 27, 2014
I love people, tech, and where they meet. Serial entrepreneur and startup advisor. Good design, running, music, and plants make me happy. Quote_down
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I'm relentless about practicality. I love experiments but dislike preventable mistakes - there are a lot of ways to execute a product build for tremendous success, but far more pitfalls along that road. Knowing how to compromise is a critical mark of the successful entrepreneur.

Great products result from a combination of continuous experimentation and iteratively more complex realizations of concepts as more is learned about their target market. 'Doing engineering' in a way that maximizes learning while minimizing future rework is challenging, but enourmously rewarding when done well.