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Daniel (Dima) Zhevelev

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- An Experienced RT/EM Firmware and Integration Engineer. - Knowledge and hands-on experience with C/C++, Java and many more computer languages - Experience in executing projects from the planning stage to the last stages of a finished product. - Vast experience in testing embedded code and product validation. - experienced in planning multidisciplinary projects, I have lots of experience and understanding in various areas: - Mechanics - Experience with reading and designing sketches on Solid Works, I designed a vacuum deposition system, from the sketch on Solid Works and all the way to production. I am rebuilding motorcycles, and motorcycle engines, both fixing problems and upgrading power. Some of the parts require design and CNC machining - Electronics - I have experience in programming on PLC platforms, hands-on experience with Microchip's PIC micro-controllers. I used to fix Radio transmitters and receivers while in the army using various testing equipment. - Material engineering - Studied for an MSc in Material and Nano Engineering. - Chemistry - I have designed and produced a special anode for production of extremely corrosive substances. I build an automatic setup for producing these multi-layer PbO2 anodes. - I have experience in writing very efficient code. - I think quickly and solve problems in unconventional ways. - I have a BSc with honor from Tel-Aviv University in Electrical Engineering - I would love to work as a junior product manager or RT/EM engineer in a multidisciplinary company, so that I will put into use my knowledge in programming, electronics and mechanics. Specialties: SW development, FW development, PHY, Mechanics, algorithms, PLC, Micro-controllers, Electronics, Material Engineering, Physics