Christopher Sunglass

Christopher Sunglass

Sunglass outlet is USA most loved store for designer inspired sunglasses. We offer thousand of sunglasses for both men and women in all categories

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The Sunglass Company offers designer-inspired sunglasses with high quality & affordable, low cost prices.With over 20 years’ experience in the Sunglas Quote_down
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The Sunglass Company offers designer-inspired sunglasses with high quality and affordable, low cost prices.  With over 20 years’ experience in the Sunglass Industry, owners Christopher and Pamela Lord continue to offer the best sunglass selection on the cutting edge of fashion. A strong and loyal client base has been built from satisfied customers that return year after year at our retail stores listed below. 



Customer satisfaction is what we strive to achieve. With our Stylists’ creative and hands on approach, we help customers select the right sunglass shape for their face. They are always available to answer questions or offer guidance to help you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses! Our newest online service offers our customers the ability to try on sunglasses virtually. Go to the Main Page and click on Virtual Try-on to download your photo and choose your style.  We appreciate your business and thank you for your continued loyalty!  Best Regards,Christopher and Pamela Lord - OwnersKristen Seisman – Head Stylist