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Chris Brisson

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States
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2005 Florida State University , BA , Small Business/Entrepreneurship

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Hey there, I'm Chris Brisson... I started my first internet company Hardline Performance back in 2002 out of my college dorm room. The first year alone, we clocked in over $250,000 in sales and in 2005 I sold the busienss to a private investor. 


Since then I have founded and started multiple internet businesses and have launched several internet businesses for myself and clients. I'm best known for my cutting edge Product Launch strategies and have generated for many clients over six figures in 7 days.


My latest startup venture is Call Loop, which is the Constant Contact for voice and text. We're the first company to provide "autoresponders for voice broadcasting and text messaging" and make it super easy to setup for autopilot and seamless business integration.


You can catch me on my blog at or on twitter at