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Charlo Barbosa has built a successful career by consistently generating profits for advertisers and publishers. His passion for creating successful customer-focused businesses has been honed by more than 17 years of Internet advertising experience. Charlo was instrumental in helping Directcpv grow its contextual-targeting advertising from an experiment into a major revenue driver for the company. The company has amassed over 30,000 direct advertisers over the past three years. Over the past five years, he architected the development of one of the most powerful pay per click publisher xml search platforms in the market. By nurturing relationships with premium publishers, Charlo has managed to grow Admanage into a powerhouse in the online search industry. Charlo is excited about his new startup,,a content discovery and in-stream native advertising platform that facilitates the native ad buying and selling process for publishers and advertisers at scale. Prior to serving as the CEO of Admanage, Charlo served as the President of, one of the first software technology companies for online gaming. He is considered to be one of the pioneers in the gaming industry. Charlo also served as Vice President of Operations at Revenue Gateway, a performanced based ad network that had thousands of publishers and hundreds of advertisers. Charlo attended Simon Fraser University and he enjoys spending time with his wife and his daughter. He has a passion for golf and fast cars and his favorite motto in life is "Work hard, play hard."