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Charles Yim

Founded 3 startups and been a part of 5. My last company got acquired by a Kleiner Perkins company called Plum District.

San Mateo, California, United States
Member since September 18, 2013
Serial entrepreneur. Quote_down
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Charles is a serial and visionary entrepreneur that is passionate about inventing and building innovative products that consistently delight customers. He is a young veteran of the software industry with a proven track record of success. Charles is currently Founder and CEO of Breathometer, where he is responsible for overall direction and product strategy. Most recently, Charles was Founder and CEO of Chatterfly from inception, to acquisition by Plum District. Under Charles' leadership and vision, Chatterfly was able to become one of the most influential neighborhood reward platforms in the mobile space starting from the ground floor. Prior to Chatterfly, Charles was the Founder of ProBuddy, where he teamed up with a senior engineer at Facebook to build an internet start-up that developed a social recommendation engine focused on local service providers. Prior to that, Charles was involved in business development and played an integral role in business strategy at Fortify Software which was later acquired by HP.

Before entering the software industry, Charles was heavily involved in a leadership role at Cintas Corporation as a Regional Six Sigma, where he was responsible for stream-lining business processes, business analytics, mergers and acquisitions and QA for the entire West Coast Operation within the Emerging Businesses Sector. 

Charles sits on the advisory board of Survcast and K Hotels. Charles holds a few patents in embedded systems and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Riverside and from Stanford Graduate School of Business in the Executive Development Program.