Brett Tollman

Brett Tollman

Brett Tollman is CEO and President of The Travel Corporation. Under Tollman's guidance the company offers top quality travel and tourism related services and products to a wide variety of customers.

Santa Monica, California, United States
Member since August 11, 2010
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1983 Cornell University , BS , Hotel Management

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Brett G. Tollman, a professional in the travel and tourism industry, is the new Chief Executive Officer and President at The Travel Corporation (TTC). He comes to the position with impressive credentials as he represents the third generation of hoteliers within his family and has worked in the travel industry for 30 years. His collaborative and hands-on approach to leadership also ensures he strengthens employee trust and morale. He relocated to the US in July and will work from the Uniworld and Travcorp USA California offices.

Privately owned, The Travel Corporation represents a group of specialty travel and hotel companies, all specializing in unique and out of the ordinary vacation and travel packages. The goal of the company is to be a leader in the international tourism industry as a provider of high-quality tour operators, hotel management and associated services, river cruises, and transportation services to its clients.  The privately held companies that are represented by The Travel Corporation include such high quality firms as Trafalgar Tours, Insight Vacations, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, Red Carnation Hotels, Contiki Holidays, AAT Kings and Evan Evans day sightseeing tours. Leisure holiday packages offered include escorted coach tours, river excursions and independent sightseeing tours. Through the group’s Red Carnation Hotels, the company represents small boutique hotels in Europe, South Africa and the United States.

When Brett G. Tollman began his career with The Travel Corporation as Vice Chairman in 1997, he held different roles and also handled industry relations for the company. In this capacity, he represented TTC within the global forum of the World Travel and Tourism Council. In 2007, he took responsibility for TTC’s North American companies.

In the early nineties, Brett Tollman also took over the position of Chief Executive Officer at Red Carnation Hotels. The company provides growth and direction for a group of 12 luxury boutique hotels, which are located in four countries. Red Carnation Hotels prides itself on providing exemplary, consistent service to every customer, and every hotel is different, each one is embellished and decorated according to the character of the hotel and they all take on the personality of the surrounding locale. As well as being responsible for the oversight and management of the business, he was involved in sales, marketing, capital investment and public relations. From 2007, Brett G. Tollman was also the managing director for a number of companies providing travel operations for tourists in Europe.


Brett G. Tollman was born in South Africa in 1961. He was educated at Rugby followed by Cornell University, where he received a BSc in hotel management in 1983. From thereon he amassed experience and a reputation as a leader in the travel industry as he has worked with top travel companies in management positions. He currently lives in California with his wife and three children.


Professional Organizations
Brett G. Tollman is a member of the World Travel and Tourism Council, where he serves as Vice Chairman of membership and sits on their executive committee. He also holds membership in the international chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization and is a founding board member of The Travel Corporation’s Conservation Foundation.


Providing Emergency Support

Brett Tollman also believes in giving back to the community and providing support to relief efforts around the world. Not long after the devastating New Zealand earthquake that took place in February 2011, Brett Tollman led The Travel Corporation to donate $50,000 to the relief fund organized by the Australian government, Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. New Zealand’s largest city, Christchurch, was hit with brunt of the earthquake, causing damages estimated around NZ$ 15 billion. In addition to loss of life, the city is coping with severe damage to its infrastructure: over 3000 buildings have been assessed and approximately 800 are planned for demolishment; nearly a month after the earthquake 280,000 tons of silt have been collected and removed. With donations such as The Travel Corporation’s, Christchurch will receive the funding it needs to heal and rebuild.