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Brad Seraphin

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A trained Wordsmith. Forged in an era of Online Marketing and Social Media. Experienced in the art of Start-Up. Delicate in the ways of Customer Service and PR. Helpful in Product Management and Project Management. Ambitious in Business Development and Operations... For the past 10 years I have helped launch 5 well publicized tech companies. With a focus on online marketing (Social Media, SEO/SEM/PPC, Grass Roots/Blog Outreach and Community Management) and product management (working with software development teams to create marketable SaaS and e-commerce products) I have built sizeable online communities, developed revenue streams, recruited and managed marketing and software development teams, and effectively created and launched numerous marketing and PR campaigns. Currently I am serving as Chief Marketing Officer at, where I am charged with the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of marketing for several developing products.