Brad Kopitz

Brad Kopitz

Presently CEO @ Artifact Uprising Past: COO - Artifact Uprising Director of Marketing - Active Junky Director of Marketing - Summit Sports

Denver, Colorado, United States
Member since April 07, 2017
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Brad brings eight years of e-commerce and management expertise as CEO of Artifact Uprising. With a background in digital marketing, he’s previously managed growth programs and teams at companies ranging from $120M to four-person startups. All three of the last companies he has helped have seen successful exits. 

Brad’s family also ran an eight-figure e-commerce company focused on outdoor equipment. The family company started in 1998, so he was quite literally raised in the field. He believes great companies are born from the intersection of art and analytics, focusing on the blend of beautiful design, product quality, brand and data. At the core of it all, his focus is on the team because its the people that make a company great.

Brad has been with AU since the very early days. Before becoming CEO, Brad has overseen growth, marketing, operations, and finance as the company's Chief Revenue Officer as well as COO. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Denver with a BSBA in Finance.