Bing Tan

Bing Tan

I have been in the software industry since 2002 having founded and led a boutique team of 20 people focused on architecture, design and development of mobile and web related services.

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I have always enjoyed the entire development process from design and architecture to execution. Having started an mobile SMS based company in 2002, which eventually turned into the development of social web services, I, together with my team, have had the opportunity to wake up every morning knowing that we were working on something that we enjoy doing.

Fast forward to 2013, we decided to turn ourselves from being a services company into a products company which led us to creating an ecommerce marketplace that we'd love to use -

Flickflyer is a marketplace where we use the mobile phone to create video ads. Furthermore, our marketplace is focused on creating a more human experience by adding sound and moving pictures to engage our users.