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Benson Juarez is an accomplished entrepreneur with 19 years experience in technology, sales, team building, and real estate. At the age of 20, Benson co-founded a unique retail business combining nutritional supplement sales and health consultations. With Benson's help the company quickly expanded to multiple locations. In 2003, Benson became involved in the mortgage business where he immediately excelled. Within a few years he built a successful mortgage company and a real estate investment company that invested in, acquired, renovated, and sold distressed properties. As markets changed, Benson adapted and added a realtor's license to his tools. He moved into the REO market where he continued to successfully identify the right opportunities. Benson also served his country, spending 8 years in the Air Force National Guard. He graduated top of his class in the Military Police Academy. After 9/11, Benson’s several tours overseas helped solidify his interpersonal skills for building rapport with a diverse range of people. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University in Computer Information Systems in the business school, providing a sound foundation in both business fundamentals and technology. Benson’s entrepreneurial spirit, networking skills, leadership experience, and keen understanding of technology as it applies to business applications will help assemble a strong group of professionals and build team cohesion.