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Asa Zernik

Software Engineer and Foodie. Co-founder and CTO, Parsley Software

Oakland, California, United States
Member since August 30, 2016
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2012 UC Berkeely , BA , Computer Science

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First-time entrepreneur

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In 2011-12, I built Parsley's precursor, the administrative backend for Hava's Kitchen ( I also worked on customer-facing features like billing and notification e-mails.

The response to the admin backend from people in the food-service industry gave me confidence that there was a demand for a product like Parsley.

While at Meraki, I:

* Added support for a third, scanning radio for security and monitoring features on Meraki access points.
* Led a small team of engineers designing and implementing a time-sensitive routing/VPN project.
* Worked on 802.11n/ac drivers from upstream vendors - debugging, improving performance/CPU usage, and adding support for Meraki-specific features.