Arie Genger

Arie Genger

Aventura, Florida, United States
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1970 Baruch College - The City University of New York (CUNY) , BA , Economics & Business Administration
1972 The City University of New York (CUNY) , MBA , Business Administration

Full bio

The US based businessman and entrepreneur Arie Genger was born in Tel Aviv in 1945. He graduated from the Montifiori High School. After his military service Genger moved to the United States, where he studied for his BA and MBA at City University, New York. During his BA studies he was awarded the Morton Wollman Medal for outstanding achievement.

Links to Israel

Arie Genger has maintained close ties over the years with his native country. In 1982 he was recruited by the government of Israel by then Defence Minister Ariel Sharon who appointed him to a senior sensitive position in the Defence ministry. Genger also served as an advisor in the Economic Ministry after which he returned to New York in 1984. Genger remained a close friend and advisor to Sharon, and often his de facto ambassador in Washington.

In 1983 Genger founded the First American Israeli Technology fund (FAIT). The fund’s objective was to initiate and encourage investments by the US private sector in joint American-Israeli projects.

Genger has numerous philanthropic interests in Israel, where he was founder of the Pinchas Riklis Memorial Foundation Prize at Bar - Ilan University, endowed the Rabin Chair at Tel Aviv University and assisted the Technion. He also helped Tel Hashomer and Ramban hospitals.

Business Interests

Upon completion of his studies Arie Genger started to work as a business advisor at Rapid-American Corp., a company founded by Meshulem Riklis, and soon became his right hand man and confidante. Shortly thereafter, after playing a major role in the successful reorganization of the company which suffered financial difficulties, he was promoted to the presidency of McCrory corp. During its heyday McCrory Corporation had five retail chains with some 2500 stores, selling a variety of products from women’s clothing to auto parts. From the time he joined McCrory until he left, Genger led the team that turned the company around from losses to profitability.

In 1985, he founded Trans-Resources Inc. (TRI) and served as its Chairman and CEO until 2007 and as its Chairman until he left the company in 2008. TRI, through its various subsidiaries such Haifa Chemicals in Israel , NaChurs in the US, Plant Products in Canada and others, specializes in a range of products that service the agricultural and chemical industries. Recently Arie Genger has been involved in litigation with the Trump brothers over the control of TRI.

In 2009 Genger joined other investors in ceding a new real estate fund, which has acquired and operate residential real estate in the NY area.

In the mid 1990’s Arie and Sash A. Spencer co founded Conservations Securities LLC a fund of funds. During over ten years of its operation Conservation Securities has achieved its goal of double digit returns.

In a recent new business track, Arie Genger became a leading partner in AGDB Holdings, LLC. The company invests equity capital out of a pool of $50 million and helps managements to lead the companies to faster and more profitable growth. Together with one of his partners in the new firm, RDA Ventures, the company buys businesses in basic industries with particular focus in the areas of agricultural fertilizers and chemicals.