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eSalesData is one of the fastest growing market specialist in delivering Sales leads, email/data appending, application development and online marketing solutions.

Fremont, California, United States
Member since March 13, 2017
I am a VP Marketing at eSalesData which is a fast growing market specialist in delivering Sales leads, email/data appending, application development. Quote_down
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eSalesData is one of the fastest growing market specialist in delivering Sales leads, email/data appending, application development and online marketing solutions. We provide list database service that includes fast delivery, simple management, responsive, and knowledgeable customer support.

We use our in-depth knowledge of direct, email, and search engine marketing in order to help you find new prospects and customers; turn your house file into a profit center through list management; plan successful direct marketing campaigns; and get the most from your marketing investments through cost effective computer services. We are ready to become your marketing partner, working together with you to produce direct and online marketing profits.

Our email lists include,

Technology Users List

  • IT-Decision Makers Email List
  • SAP Users List
  • Oracle Users List
  • ERP Users List
  • Software Engineers List
  • Siebel User List
  • Salesforce CRM User List
  • PeopleSoft Users List
  • Sybase Users List
  • JD Edwards List
  • Lawson User List
  • Apple Users List
  • Java User List
  • CRM Users List
  • ASP .Net Users List
  • Infor Applications Users List
  • Unix Users List
  • IBM DBMS Users List
  • Linux Users Mailing List
  • 3COM Users List
  • Accellion Users List
  • Accelrys Users List
  • ACE Project Users List
  • Actuate Users List
  • ADERANT Users List
  • Air2Web Users List
  • aiSee Users Lists
  • Alpha Software Users List
  • Altova users List
  • Amcom Users List
  • Amdocs Users List
  • Analyse-It Users List
  • Arial Software Users
  • Ariba Users Lists
  • ASM 500/3500
  • Adobe Users Lists
  • Business Email List
  • Microsoft Dynamics User List

International Email List

  • Switzerland Email List
  • Middle East Countries Email List
  • Singapore Email List
  • Netherlands Email List
  • Mexico Email List
  • Malaysian Email List
  • Japan Email List
  • Ireland Email List
  • Indian Business List
  • Hong Kong Email List
  • Germany Email List
  • France Email List
  • Finland Email List
  • European Email List
  • Europe Email List
  • China Email List
  • Canada Email List
  • Scotland Email List
  • Canadian Email List
  • Belgium Email List
  • Australian Email List
  • UK Business Email List
  • USA Business Email List

Healthcare Executives Email List

  • Hospital Email List
  • Doctors Email List
  • Dentists Email List
  • Nurses Email List
  • Physicians Email List
  • Medical Email List

Professional Email List

  • CEO Email List
  • HR Mailing List
  • CFO Email List
  • CMO Email List
  • CAO Email List
  • CIO Email List
  • Attorney Email List

Industry-Wise Email List

  • Manufacturing Industry Email List
  • BPO Mailing List
  • Forest Industry Email List
  • Primary Metal Industries Email List
  • Transportation Industry Sales Leads
  • Wholesale Trade Industry Sales Leads
  • Water Transportation Industry Sales Leads
  • Wholesale Non-durable Industry Sales Leads
  • Value Added Resellers Industry Sales Leads
  • U.S. Postal Service Industry Sales Leads
  • Transportation Services Industry Sales Leads
  • Trucking and Warehousing Industry Sales Leads
  • Tobacco Manufacturing Industry Sales Leads
  • Security, Commodity Brokers Sales Leads
  • Rubber and Plastic Industry Sales Leads
  • Religious Organizations Sales Leads
  • Real Estate Industry Sales Leads
  • Railroad Transportation Industry Sales Leads
  • Printing and Publishing Industry Sales Leads
  • Prepackaged Software Industry Sales Leads
  • Pipelines Industry Sales Leads
  • Social Services Sales Leads
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Leads
  • Petroleum and Coal Industry Sales Leads
  • Textile Mill Manufacturing Sales Leads
  • Testing Laboratories Industry Sales Leads
  • Telecommunication Company Sales Leads
  • Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Industry Sales Leads
  • Special Trade Contractors Industry Sales Leads
  • Personal Services Industry Email List
  • Paper and Allied Email List
  • Oil and Gas Industry Email List
  • Clinics & Medical Industry Email List
  • Nursing and Personal Care Email List
  • Non-metallic Minerals Industry Email List
  • Miscellaneous Repair Services Industry Email List
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries List
  • Metal Mining Industry Email List
  • Insurance Industry Email List
  • Health Care Industry Email List
  • Retail Industry Email List
  • Fisheries Industry Email List
  • Financial Services Industry Email List
  • Fabricated Metal Industry Email List
  • Educational Services Email List
  • Telecom Industry Email List
  • College & University Email List
  • Coal Mining Industry Email List
  • Business Services Industry Email List
  • Automotive Dealers Email List
  • Architectural Services Email List
  • Air Transportation Industry Email List
  • Aerospace Industry Email List
  • Advertising Industry Email List