Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson

I love to spend my time in shopping and traveling different place. That's why Photography is my passion and I am a professional photographer.

Seymour, Connecticut, United States
Member since September 21, 2019
Professional photographer and photo editors. Quote_down
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2018 Yale University , BA , History of Art
adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, photography, image editing, photo editing

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Greetings from Amy Wilson.
Currently enrolled in a promising graphics designing organization as a professional photo editor, I specialize in high-end photo retouching and work on popular photographic categories.
However, I do not limit myself within the boundaries of my career and had a crazy vision regarding my future.
Anyway, leave it. Somehow, photography has a special corner in my heart, and, even though I'm not good at it, I love to capture scenic frames whenever an opportunity comes.
And, here comes my passion for traveling. I like to travel a lot but unfortunately, I hardly get any opportunity to spend my leisure time abroad. However, I love to visit scenic places where I can take photos too.
Hiking and camping are two things that keep me busy most during my summer time. I'm fortunate to have some crazy buddies with whom I go camping to the nearby woods. But you know, it's not that easy to find safe camping sites where I live these days.
I am always open to new challenges and looking for an opportunity to enhance my skills in the field of photo editing. However, I consider myself the happiest person alive as I have the shadows of my sweet parents over me all the time. Love to listen to music and dance occasionally.
Always open to make new friends and, who knows, you may turn out to be my BFF.
Good day!