Amit Puri

Amit Puri

Having completed his PhD at Imperial College London, Amit has built a career as a dedicated and hands on Chartered Mechanical Engineer, with 7 years industrial experience working in the Automation/Instrument and Medical industry.

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Amit  has designed,  developed,  verified,  and  released  a  series  of  successful   devices  across  a  variety  of  stages  from  pre-clinical  trials  to  post-commercial  launch.   Amit's  previous  device  achievements  include  in-vitro  medical  devices  (Alere),  novel reciprocating  cell  pump  used  for  a  cell  culture, ambr250  (TAP Biosystems)  which is an automated platform to simultaneously run up to 24 independent bioreactors  on  a  much  reduced  scale and ambr15  product  (TAP Biosystems)  which is an automated small  scale  mammalian cell  culture  playform.    Prior  to  this   Amit  was awarded several  awards including 1st class degree  for  Mechnical Engineering,  winning  the  Sir  Bruce  White  award  for  best  final  year  project,  and nationwide  runner  up  for  best  final  year  Mechanical  Engineering  project.    He  was  also awarded  the 3rd  place  in  major international  conference  student  paper competition for  research  in  wind  turbine  blade  material  testing,  which  included  the  development and characterization of a low cost portable stereo imaging system used  for surface strain mapping.