Aliya Leigh

Aliya Leigh

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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First-time entrepreneur

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I want to be my own boss, and be in control.

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Aliya Leigh was born (April 19, 1976) and raised in Rosedale, NY with her brother who's a electrician of Union Local 3. She is African-American and Native American. Her mother's father is from the Chickahomny tribe located in New Kent County, Virginia.

She came from a good and religious two parent family. Her mother was an English Professor who taught English and Shakespeare and her father was a Locomotive Engineer for the Long Island Railroad.

In grade school, her parents made her take piano lessons because she has long fingers and instant memory. She played well enough to perform at concerts. She played at colleges like CW Post and her last concert was Carnegie Hall.

Aliya works as a producer, writer, editor and host of her own podcast entitled "Lesbian Life." The online podcast is about current affairs happening and affecting the lesbian community globally.

Aliya writes and edits film and television scripts, as well as young adult horror, suspense and thriller novels. She is a skateboard designer for the Puzzle Me line.

Aliya Leigh owns Striving For Pi, LLC; which is a Production and Publishing company. Striving For Pi, LLC resources will be dedicated to independent films, web shows and graphic novels.

She is a trustee of the National Writer's Union, on the Board of Directors of Arizona Women In Tune and an active member of ASCAP.