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1981 Handels Skole, Norway , BS , Marketing diploma

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Hi, I am the Inventor and Founder of 

What we do is help people get Personal Referrals, increasing their sales and enabling them to get more Bang For Their Advertising Bucks and not wasting them on expensive Advertising medium that does not work.


The RipCard does just that.
Our RipCard looks like a regular Business Card....however, acts very, very differently.  We will upload a Video here shortly for you to SEE how it works as it is Easy to understand once you see it, and a little harder to explain.
Either way, let me tell you about it quickly so you have an idea about it right now.

Here goes:
On The site you can design your own Business RipCard and you will see tutorials and examples of how to use it.....and if you don't want to design your own card, you can also use ready made templates or even hire our designers to do it for you.

The concept of the rip cards is quite simple ....actually, Very simple and it works as follows:  Let me start by using an example:
Let's say you are the owner of a Manicure Salon or even a Manicure Specialist that works at the Manicure Salon - it would work the same way for both of you. Your goal is obviously to get more Clients, right? 
You can see an image of the Front Side of the card I am talking about here:

and you can see the Backside here: here comes a client in to your salon and let's say they have been a regular client of yours for a while so you have a Great relationship with them.
You tell them that you are doing a special promotion via your existing Clients and since we like to attract like-minded clients such as you we thought it would be wise to ask our clients if they would know of someone that they could think of would like our service too?

This is when you show them your New RipCard™ and tell them that where the little Pencil is on the Backside / Left lower corner is where I, the Manicure Specialist, will Initial with my name and add an incentive on the card for This Existing Client to Give to a Friend. The writing could be as follows: A.M. (for Alf Marcussen) then: 50% off for first time visitors!.

Then you tell the Existing Client that you give this card to, that you would like to collect their personal information on the Right Side of the Card even if of course if you know their name already, so that you can also Give Them an Incentive as well when the Other Half comes back with the identical numbers on them. Tell them to NOTE the two identical numbers printed at the Bottom of the card on either side of the perforation line. Then you basically TEAR the card in half and Give your Existing Client the Left Side with your Initials on it and the Incentive, and You (The Manicure Specialist) will keep the Right side. When the card comes back with a New Client you simply match up the numbers for easy tracking of whom sent you this New Client.

Now, Let's say you have a client in your chair that you think would be able to refer you MORE than one new client or would want more cards to help you simply give them let's say 5 or 10+ cards that are intact (not torn in half yet)....and you (The Manicure Specialist) will make a note of which card #'s you gave them as well as the Last card # you gave them (ex. you gave them card # 101 to 111.


I hope that was not too complicated ;-)....either way, there should be a video here shortly explaining it.

You can email me with questions and suggestions for that matter should you have any.

Alf ;-)
Inventor and Founder.