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1981 Bezallel School of Design , BA , Industrial Design

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Full bio

International gaming entrepreneur Alan Azizollahoff has a reputation for being a generous philanthropist who donates to worthy causes based in North America and in Israel. He is also an investor in real estate, marketing companies and customer service centers. He was born in South Africa but eventually made his way to Miami, Florida, where he currently makes his home.

American Philanthropy and International Causes

Many Jewish organizations are recipients of Alan Azizollahoff's charitable donations, and of those US organizations are included a local Miami synagogue, the Willie and Celia Trump Synagogue, and a community center that is also in Miami, the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Center.  Along with many types of sporting activities, the center is also home to Maccabi Tzair, a project that teaches children about Judaism in creative and fun ways. Alan Azizollahoff also supports one of the best teaching hospitals in the country, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, which has an international reputation for its in-depth research, innovative treatment, clinical trials, advanced laboratories and excellent patient care. He also donates to the Hillel School, the US Lupus Foundation and the Miami chapter of the ADL, which was formed in 1913 to fight anti-Semitism and bigotry and to protect civil rights of all people.

Supports Causes in Israel

As a father of four, the welfare of all children is important to Alan Azizollahoff. Therefore, he donates to Jerusalem's Tiferet Shlomo Orphanage, which provides a warm and caring environment for orphaned and neglected children arriving from all over the world, but especially from the Middle Eastern nations. He also helps fund a project initiated by his wife, "Pilates for a Cure", which creates and aids in dance projects in the Israeli city of Pardes Hannah.

Business Career

When Alan Azizollahoff finished his industrial engineering studies in Israel, he moved to Peru with his wife and soon thereafter developed an interest in the gaming community. He began by investing in a bingo center and later bought shares in Inversiones Hobby SAC, a Lima based company operating electronic casinos. He became CEO of the company and turned it into Peru's largest gaming center. His next step was to establish a company to aid in developing and producing multi-gaming devices called Heal Technology.

Since that time he has made huge inroads in the electronic gaming industry. He is a major shareholder and CEO at Jade Water Group, Inc., where he markets and promotes machinery, peripherals and equipment made for the gaming business. The company also develops innovative software programs that are used for electronic gaming machines and devices. In order to take over the responsibilities of CEO, he moved his family to Miami, Florida, where Jade Water Group, Inc. has offices. He also began a new company, Clearwater Financial Group, to increase his stronghold in the South American gaming market. Even though he lives in the US, Alan Azizollahoff maintains control of Peru's largest gaming sector.

Personal Hobbies

As much as Alan Azizollahoff loves gaming, he also has a great appreciation for art. Although he enjoys contemporary and modern art, he especially enjoys art examples from the pre-Columbian period.