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I once worked alongside an ex NASA engineer, and he said something to describe me that I believe is a true reflection of me and something I can't put in better words: "Ajay is like the EMC guy, he can take in vast amount of really complex information and then come up with something very simple which can explain it all" I am a dreamer, I like to throw my hat over the fence just to be forced to climb it and yes, I love simplicity, efficiency and elegance in design. I am a trekkie, I cried the day concord was retired and I would really love for apple to stop the 5c, 5s, 6 and 6+ madness. Just label your phones as 4-2015, 5-2015, 6-2015 and such. Give a screen size and a model year and keep making them better every year. There is no reason for Apple not to have screen sizes from 1 inch to 67 inches. Instead of a TV, why shouldn't I have an iPhone on the wall hanging off an articulating mount just perfect for a Sunday video call with entire family or a working from home session while still being virtually present at my desk.