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Julia Kliushnia

Hi! My name is Julia and I am a Sales Manager in Acmelight Company. I want to share some ideas with you. It'll show you how you can open your own business with our company.

Website: http://www.acmelight.eu/
Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
Member since October 27, 2009
Acmelight Ltd. is the Producer of Glow in the dark paints. We are looking for exclusive Dealers and invite trading companies to cooperation on exclusive terms in Europe, USA, UK, and all around the world. We propose you profitable terms of cooperation! Quote_down
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Acmelight Company is looking for dealers in your region. We present you the opportunity to open your own business with minimum capital investments. Only a few months later you will have a successful business.

Do you like design and know something about it? Glowing paints will make you the most desirable and popular designer. There are possibilities, which are opened by glow in the dark paints, making the high demand for it day by day.

Acmelight Company is specialized in production of luminous, fluorescent and invisible UV Light club lighting paints.


We produce:

10 types (depends on surface: metal, wood, concrete, plastic, Oracal film, natural flowers, walls and ceilings, glass classic, glass original, textile) of Glow in the dark paints, 9 different colors. Such paints eliminate the light at the total darkness, without electricity. The light energy is accumulated both from the daylight and electrical one.

5 types of fluorescent paints, 7 different colors. These paints are very bright under the daylight, and it eliminates deep volumetric glowing under the Ultraviolet “club” lightening.

4 types of invisible paints, 3 different colors, glowing in neon lightening. Such paints are completely invisible at the daylight, but it glows deeply under neon light. These paints are good for painting walls in night clubs, laser show halls, bowling clubs.

We also produce 3 colors of colorless nail polishes and invisible paints for paper (for making watermarks), self-adhesive film.


These paints can be applied on metal, concrete, plastic, wooden, glass surfaces.

It is used for all kind of interior and exterior design, reconstruction works and design.

All kinds of paints are easy in application. We also propose glow in the dark artificial and natural stones, which can be used for design and decoration.

We are interested in cooperation with your company and propose you profitable terms for cooperation, low prices, discounts, quick in-time shipment.


Nowadays the plant of Acmelight Company is widening Dealer network. We propose to evaluate all advantages of cooperation with the direct producer of high-quality glowing paints, signing Dealer Agreement on mutual profitable terms. Unlimited possibilities with minimum investments, full support by Producer and 100% payback – Dealer Agreement will be a good start for creation of your own successful business!