Aaron Howard

Aaron Howard

Website: www.theperiscopegroup.com
Redmond, Washington, United States
Accredited investor
Member since April 29, 2010
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Credentials Accredited Investor, Qualified Purchaser
1972 University of Washington , MS , BSEE, MSEE

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Aaron is a leader, technologist, musician and horse person with 25 years experience in starting, growing and monetizing successful businesses.

While it would not be unusual to find Aaron in the middle of Montana every October with his wife Marianne riding horses every day and enjoying the "truly big sky", it is always a possibility that he is online. Aaron’s passion for new technologies such as social media is contagious and its been said that after a day with Aaron you will find yourself tweeting, posting, blogging, searching and roaming the web for an opportunity to be part of his vision. His most recent passion focuses on driving growth through the winning combination of leadership and emerging technologies. Learn more about Aaron and growth at www.theperiscopegroup.com.

Aaron has held executive management positions across B2B, consumer and large enterprise segments spanning technology, Internet, digital media, entertainment, gaming, interactive education, biomedical devices and financial services. He has held senior executive positions within publicly traded companies, startups, lead many M&A projects and been directly responsible for introducing direct consumer sales into product distribution. Aaron has created distribution channels for retail, direct, VAR, OEM and online businesses. He has a proven track record in raising strategic/venture capital and is a strong negotiator. Aaron has hands-on M&A experience (asset and stock), both purchase and sale side and has managed joint ventures, strategic investments and other intellectual property based deal structures and licenses. Aaron is a leader with experience managing teams ranging from startups to over 600 people.

Some of Aaron's favorite things include producing animated storybooks for Disney Interactive such as The Lion King and Pocahontas, creating Lamb Chop Loves Music (with Shari Lewis) for Philips Interactive Media, growing US sales of Aldus PageMaker software to over $100MM, building a totally visual approach to business planning & execution, and bringing to market the first all digital diagnostic ultrasound scanner now owned by Philips Medical Systems.

Clients and Strategic Partners that made a huge difference: Sony Electronics, Disney Interactive and Feature Film, Microsoft, Philips Interactive Media, Nike, Kodak, McGraw-Hill Home Interactive, The Washington Post, Toshiba, National Geographic, Apple Computer, NeXT Computers, REI, HarperCollins ...