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Ryan Sommer

San Francisco, California, United States
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2005 San Francisco State University , BA

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I am a public relations professional in the tech industry. Having worked as a products intern at Wired magazine, and subsequently as a specialized support representative for the Palm Treo PR program, I have developed expertise in both hardware and software-related consumer media relations. Before I joined Horn Group San Francisco, I worked with the social content site Digg, as well as the Internet television network, Revision3. I have watched public relations evolve over the past 2 1/2 years through the lens of social media...and I must admitt I am excited about its future. Currently I work with Pageflakes and WebEx. I am a native of San Jose, CA and a graduate of San Francisco State University. When I am not working I enjoy writing songs that might pass as Silkworm ripoffs -- on a good day :) -- collecting old 70s hard rock and prog albums, and tooling around the fine city of San Francisco with friends.