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Ron Creevey started his career at Magna Data Australia first Internet Service Provider as the NSW Sales Manager in 1997 and was fast tracked to National Sales Manager in 1999. Ron was responsible for many of Australia's first commercial Internet links and was credited with being involved in many of the first ever major internet deals in Australia.

Magna Data was purchased in 2000 by Davnet and later sold to NTT Japan where Ron remained on as Managing Director of Magna Data. Magna Data was a profitable and successful company.

Under Ron's control the sales team at Magna Data signed in excess of 4000 corporate clients within Australia making it by far Australia's most successful corporate Internet Provider.

Ron later managed the fastest growing catering company in Australia, running leading icon contracts such as the Bathurst 1000 and Luna Park - Due to funding constraints The Cabinet was closed in 2005

In 2007, Ron Creevey teamed up with mobile pioneer Thomas Zilliacus who started Nokia Asia as the CEO and together they formed YuuZoo, the leading global mobile media and marketing company based out of Singapore. Today YuuZoo have close to 500,000 users and operates mobile applications in over 70 countries. Ron is the current Global President of YuuZoo.

Ron is on the board of leading Mobile Casino company Budai Gaming and serves on the board of leading Hollywood Production company The Masses, a firm founded my Matt Amarto, Sara Cline, Heath Ledger and Billy Zane

Ron has hobbies that include sailing where he has completed two Sydney to Hobarts winning the Sydney to Hobart in 2000 onboard Nicorette and coming Second in 2001 on the same boat. The boat in 2001 was hit by one of the worst storms ever, when a twister hit the boat and forced it to be repaired at sea before making up ground and eventually coming in second place. NBC Dateline later ran a story on the survival of the crew and its leader Ludde Ingval, a close friend and mentor of Creevey.

Ron Creevey is married to Danielle Creevey with two children Tyler Creevey and River Creevey and currently resides between Singapore, Sydney and LA.