Miranda Peguese

Miranda Peguese

Website: www.passoutmarketing.com
Elgin, South Carolina, United States
Member since November 30, 2008
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We are a growing global company actively seeking people with businesses or services to advertise for.  Currently in our growth phase, we are also looking to develop strategic partnerships.  We work with large and small accounts, both locally and across the globe.  Contact us today and give us a try.



Passout Marketing is a revolutionary new way to market your business or service by using "hand stamp advertising".  Your logo, image, or message is instantly distributed onto the hands of your target market as they attend clubs, concerts, or other major events.  It is an innovative, cost-effective way of getting your brand out directly to the public.


With Passout Marketing, you can create advertising campaigns that are: 

CREATIVE - hand stamp advertising is a new and exciting way to market!  It is a new medium that reaches your demographic directly and will have them talking.

COST EFFECTIVE - Our ad campaigns are cost friendly.  For a fraction if what you would pay for newspaper, magazine, or even online, we offer a creative alternative to promoting your company's brand.

CUSTOMIZEABLE - Our campaigns are designed to work effectively for your needs, whether you wish to advertise locally, nationally, or internationally, we can design and execute a plan that works right for you.