Michael Willner

Michael Willner

Website: www.alphagrips.com
Lorton, Virginia, United States
Member since June 08, 2007
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1983 American University , JD

Full bio

Serial entrepreneur.

Started Federal Filings in 1986 - sold to Dow Jones in 1989.

 Started NewsTraders in 1997 - sold to NBCi in 2000.

 Started AlphaGrip in 1997 - still building.  Owns several patents on a handheld, high speed input technology that will more than double productivity on handheld devices such as mobile phones, handheld computers, game controllers and remote controls.  Full-size, multi-purpose keys on back of device enables handheld touch typing at over 60 words per minute while standing, walking, riding in a vehicle, sitting on a park bench, leaning back in a recliner, or lying in bed.  Currently selling the iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard by word-of-mouth.  Have received good reviews from the trade press and rave reviews from many of our customers who love to comfortably lean back away from their desk with their hands resting in their laps while working or playing on their computers.  We have 2,500 customers in 30 countries.