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Mark Kelly

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My work is aimed at providing Social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprise networks with an Internet TV channel and social networking solution. At Social Enterprise TV the core of what we do is sustain and create environments that raise public awareness and understanding of social enterprises, social entrepreneurship that help develop a more cohesive and ethical world community.

Our mix is created by combining our experience, knowledge and expertise in the fields of video production, social networking and event management, which we use to help connect and encourage communication between networks of like-minded individuals, groups, contacts, and support services.

We further enhance what we do with two direct strategies in mind

1.Promoting and publishing information of events; products and services that are on offer by social enterprises and trading third sector organisations.

2.Building relationships and encouraging the private sector to become more involved and trade with social enterprises.

How we sustain the work we do is by providing a range of creative and technical services, which we are passionate about.

§ Web TV channel set up, training and support services
§ Video production and training services
§ Event management