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Mark Gabriel

Melbourne, Australia
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2005 Latrobe University , MBA , Masters of Business Administration

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Mark Gabriel - Co founder and Marketing Director

Mark's full time involvement with MyLiveSearch started when major investment and works to the live search technology began 4 years ago and he brings to the company significant experience in the marketing of technology.

Mark's formal qualifications include a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Latrobe University (Melbourne, Australia) and he has been involved in various advanced technology solution sales for the past ten years. Previous to this current role in MyLiveSearch, Mark was in the position of Australian Sales and Marketing Manager for a Melbourne based company in Australia. The solution sales in 3D visualisation revolved around computer generated 3D simulated environments for publicly listed companies such as Lend Lease, Myer, Komatsu, Ford etc. This also included a specialised capability in satellite imagery exploitation for the use of Department of Defence in both Australia and Japan.


Mark is passionately attached to the vision of delivering a better search engine and remains always close by the side of our users.