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Mark Effinger

Serial Entrepreneur still fiddling with the incredible opportunities presented by the web, advertising, DNA mods and nutrition. Quote_down
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I am a(n):

Serial:Parallel Entrepreneur

If you're an entrepreneur or corporate innovator, why?

I love the Startup to Sellout experience. Concept to Cashflow to Exitpath rocks!

My favorite startups:, ThoughtOffice, WebNutrients, Facebook, Pinterest

Full bio

Seasoned entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial business champion. Serial Entrepreneur. One Inc. 500. Technology product development and marketing, advertising to laser to internet and software. Working with CEOs, company founders and management remains a passion. Clear grasp of the startup-to-sellout process, including most of the nuts and bolts of getting companies through the hurdles. Follow technology and business trends, and apply the good ones daily.

One goal is to create a sustainable, high-growth firm that truly "gives voice" and reach to company's and individuals. In that, we believe we can take visible market share from the leader in the industry; develop new market opportunities that add to the pie, and create a valuable, sustainable and significant enterprise.

I want the resources to move the needle in terms of making a difference while we make healthy profits (we've got employees to feed, right?). I firmly believe we can add value both locally (in how we treat employees and our environment) and globally (how we empower people, how much we can give back).

All while having fun.

The launch of using LEAN Startup principles has been a huge epiphany. Why do it any other way?