Manoo Haryal

Manoo Haryal

Mumbai, India
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2008 Institute of Technology and Management , MBA , MBA in Marketing

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5 years of experiences in web industry .

Handed various roles like Web consultant, Project Management, Client servicing & Business Development.

TechInspire,  I am working as head of Business Development. As a marketing activates I talk to various people and obtain verify contacts and assist in building target lists to be used for marketing campaigns. By profiling, I am qualifying marketing leads generated by Web forms, chat, seminars, trade shows, and target account lists. I am able to take leads generated through marketing activity and develop them into prospects by communicating company’s value proposition tailored to their needs. Comfortably respond to chat inquiries and appropriately position Company’s solutions and close on next steps. I am executing lead generation programs to increase attendance at upcoming events, seminars, and to create awareness for current product promotions.

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