Luis Escobar

Luis Escobar

Norwalk, Connecticut, United States
Member since September 01, 2008
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1968 Bogota , BA , MBA

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 Creates, develops and supports a new breed of consumer and business Billing  Clearinghouses Services,  Broadband, Internet , VoIP, nPBX, iPTV, Wi-Max, Wi-Fi  and  mobile applications that specifically address the carriers' demands for more compelling, content-based services that will drive usage of their new high speed, high bandwidth wireless networks, now being aggressively deployed worldwide.  

      Billing services for carriers and resellers for  telecommunication services

  • Consulting for all key wireless broadband technologies under one roof: WiMax, Wi_Fi, UMTS, CDMA, WiBRO, 3GPP, citywide mesh.

  First to Offer World Wide Personal telephone Number for Life 

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