Jose de Francisco Lopez

Jose de Francisco Lopez

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Member since September 07, 2008
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:::  Trained as a product designer in Europe, José holds a master’s degree in business administration and brings more than 10 years of relevant professional experience, which comprehends: product management, strategy, partnerships and business development, as well as research on forward looking designs, being the recipient of a Honeywell Europe Futurist Award :::


:::  Passionate about user and customer centric practices, José has pioneered, lectured and published articles on the subject: LAI’s first course on “Human Factors in Product Design” and the article “Roadblocks impacting Ergonomics in Design” published by INSHT, the Spanish Health & Safety Institute, are just two examples :::


:::  Most recently, Alcatel-Lucent published “Getting to a Segment of One,” which discuses emerging trends in the telecommunications industry. This article has been translated into Chinese, French and Spanish :::


:::  Originally from Barcelona, Spain, José currently lives in the Chicago area, having worked on projects in the European Union and the Americas  :::


:::  You can follow José’s thinking on consultaglobal’s innovation blog, which has already registered more than 100,000 page views  :::