John Boyd

John Boyd

Ridgefield, Connecticut, United States
Member since February 13, 2008
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1993 George Mason University School of Law , JD
1988 Columbia University , BS

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I’m the founder of which is a patented online tool for networking off-line for business or social purposes.  We allow you to arrange meetings with the people you’d like to meet – anytime, anyplace- whether traveling or near home or work.

You can make new contacts by:

(1)      Posting a Public Invite describing the purpose of the proposed meeting or the type of people you’d like to meet.
(2)      You’ll be notified by email when someone accepts your Public Invite.
(3)      You can then approve or decline any acceptance for any reason – it’s entirely up to you.  The other person will be notified of your decision.  If you approve, the meeting is confirmed.  Thus, you control who attends your meeting.

You can choose to keep your meeting location private and we’ll disclose only to those you approve to attend your meeting.   You can also communicate with other users via double-blind email to facilitate meeting planning.  We provide you with a lot of flexibility in arranging your meetings.

So, are you an entrepreneur looking to build a team?   Are you an attorney striving to become a rainmaker or a sales manager trying to meet your numbers?  Are you looking for a job?  Or, are you just interested in meeting people and making new friends?

Try posting an invite for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, whatever you like.   It’s free! 

We’re in beta, have many improvements in the pipeline and welcome any feedback.  Thanks.