Joe Halpin

Joe Halpin

Sebastopol, California, United States
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1988 Ithaca College , BA , Bachelor of Arts, Communications
1992 San Francisco State University , MS , Master of Science, Educational Technology

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In 2007, Joe co-founded to bring social networking and the capability of video based conversations to the opinionated sports fan.


With SmackCaster, Joe has found the project that combines his passion for sports and his entrepreneur drive. Joe has been a lifelong sports fan and participant. He continues to play amateur hockey and is fanatic Yankees fan and Red Sox hater.


Joe began his career in learning and development at the California Society of Certified Public Accountants where he was part of a team that developed and managed continuing education for CPAs and professionals in the financial services industry. When he joined Anderson Soft-Teach, he joined one of the pioneering organizations of the technology delivered training movement. As part of the product development team at Anderson Soft-Teach, Joe contributed toward the design and development of the award winning SmartCourseware line of training products as well as the SmartTrainer multimedia delivery platform. Joe left Anderson Soft-Teach to co-found Rapid Performance Systems. He was a principal of the firm and an architect of the award winning Sherpa Learning e-learning delivery platform. Joe's primary responsibility was for leading the implementation of the company’s strategic plan, with a focus on the development of technical and operational infrastructure. Following Rapid Performance Systems, Joe began consulting under the name of Learngevity. Since 2002, Joe has continued to consult independently, focusing on human performance, process improvement, and technology solutions for delivering learning and knowledge content.