Joe Fox

Joe Fox

Natick, Massachusetts, United States
Member since August 17, 2008
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Joe is an investor but hasn't provided additional information.

1981 University of Massachusetts

Full bio

Grew up in Andover, Massachusetts.


Attended College as a Junior and Senior in high school at Merrimack college.


Graduated half year early in 1976


Enterned the Marines and served honorably for 3 years (S2 - Intelligence)


On discharge from service entered UMASS, Amherst


One of two Undergraduates to participate in the Communications think tank


Worked on floating processor (Deadliest Catch) in Kodiak Alaska for a season 


Worked at Times Warner from 1984-1988


Have seven brothers and one sister


live in Natick, Massachusetts


Have owned and operated Fox Media Lab since 1988


Launched the Streaming Entertainment Network (Broadcast.TV) in 1998


Sought Funding for Global Screens and later Gas Pump Media


Have sought funding and business development for many companies including  TV stations


Avid sportsman, early riser, National Guardsman