Jennifer Ross

Jennifer Ross

Victoria, Canada
Member since December 19, 2008
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Jennifer Ross is a Canadian media technology professional with over two decades of music, broadcast, mobile and Internet experience accomplished in start-ups, established companies and public corporations.


She is an early champion of Website hosting and development, beginning in 1993; and Internet streaming media, in 1995 with her organization of the first Canadian live commercial video broadcast over the Internet — the sixth such event to occur in the world.


Most recently Jennifer developed, an art management and marketplace solution between engagements as a management consultant at GW Hannaway & Associates, in Boulder, CO. At GWH&A, she filled technical and strategic roles for clients such as Circadence Corporation, Hallmark Interactive, Vidiator and Objective Systems Integrators.


Jennifer has prepared a report on network media distribution for the Canadian Senate, chaired sessions about Networked Voice, Video and Data at Comdex, toured Canada with bands as a lighting director and performed and sold experimental electronic music in the 1980s under the pseudonym “Not Your Next Door Neighbour,” while working at a recording studio.


Recently relocated to Victoria, BC, Jennifer is seeking challenging and rewarding opportunities that enable her to learn and grow from her experience, while offering exposure to and involvement with new products, new ideas and new relationships. 


Her résumé is available here, and on Linkedin.