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Jason A. Rodriguez

Website: http://facebook.com/jasonanthonyrodriguez
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Member since January 08, 2008
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Jason Anthony Rodriguez was born and raised in New York City, later on he spent time living in Puerto Rico and in the states capitol of Albany.

 At the tender age of six the first seeds of "Giving Back", were born from a desire to help his loving parents in a financial way, though his father was and still is a successful and respected Airline Pilot, Jason wanted to give something back to his beloved parents for their support. His idea was to enter into a Halloween costume contest in a mall in Puerto Rico in order to help with their continued support of his life. Though he came in third, this seed of giving back began to sprout and expand. From re-painting the Pekin ship in the South Street Seaport in NYC to teaching adults english as a second language in under priveleged areas.

One of the major points in his "Giving Back" was being asked to participate in a round table panel discussion, along with then Vice President Al Gore, On neighborhood revitalization, job creation and assistance to the disabled in the Arbor Hill community in Albany, New York. 

Following this he devoted the next four years of his life to lead a team and provide a life lesson/bible study canteen at a youth program for Vanderheyden Hall in Wynantskill, New York.

These life changing journey's in "Giving Back" has brought Jason back home to New York City, filled with dreams and the desire to make his community outreach instincts expand on a more global level with the "Topics Coffee" brand, a consumer driven enterprise whose 10% of profits are distributed to various not-for-profit charitable organizations every month.

Jason along with Topics Coffee is all about "Giving Back"- one cup at a time.