Harriet Zhu

Harriet Zhu

Website: www.ConnectGreatInc.com
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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In US:

Harriet Zhu is the president of Connect Great, a company that focuses on Education and culture exchange programs between China and USA. Connect Great has extensive business contacts and governmental connections in China who want to do business with US counterparts. She is looking for Visionary Venture Capitals or private investors that are familiar with China to invest in High return Education Business in US but related to China,will earn profit within 6 months, 2-3 years gain back all the investment .


Harriet works in the financial education area for several years.

Prior to that she works in the IT industry as a program manager.

She also taught in the US public school system for 3 years


In China:

Harriet taught in a China college as an English Instructor for 1 year and taught in Proctor and Gamble for 2 years as a corporate trainer.