Gregg Ketter

Gregg Ketter

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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1985 Virginia Commonwealth University , BA , Broadcast Journalism

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Gregg Ketter arrived in Los Angeles in 1987 with a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Virginia Commonwealth University

and a determination to become a broadcast professional in the second-largest U.S. market.

Ketter quickly settled in, concentrating on meteorology while working for a national consumer electronics retailer. Ketter consistently ranked

in the top 10 in sales in his first three years with the electronics sales firm, earning a promotion to National Corporate Trainer. During his

nearly 10 years as the retailer’s corporate trainer, he helped open more than 25 retail consumer electronics stores in untapped markets

across the Central and Western U.S. He also launched numerous company sales training tours, sharing his real-world techniques to motivate

thousands of the company’s employees across the country.

But Ketter never lost sight of his dream—it just took on more significance. To prove the validity of his training techniques, he employed the

same principles for success he was teaching to become a broadcast professional. Four years later, he was chosen as Weather Anchor for

KTTV-Fox 11 News in Los Angeles, where he was an integral part of the Emmy-awarding winning, Number One news team in all of Los Angeles

for five consecutive years.

In 2001, Gregg Ketter expanded his market reach to the international business community, delivering customer service, sales and brand

image training throughout major resorts and luxury hotels in the Caribbean, British West Indies and Virgin Islands. More recently, Ketter was

named Program Associate for the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he teaches business-to-business concepts and development.