Felipe Coimbra

Felipe Coimbra

Website: http://www.yowtrip.com
Boulder, Colorado, United States
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I'm Felipe Coimbra, CEO/founder, web developer, designer, tester, marketing manager, sales person, editor and user of YowTRIP. Just a quick background about me: I'm a native of the beautiful city of Salvador, Brazil and I speak Portuguese, English and French. I'm a software engineering graduate of Auburn University and, in addition to YowTRIP, I own a web design company, eWeb Productions, and a web analytics online service, I-stats.

I have always loved traveling. From a young age I planned all of my family vacations, choosing where and when to go, what to do, and I knew travel would be a part of my life. Last year I had the opportunity to spend time in Canada and Europe, both traveling and studying French.

Since that trip two things were in my mind for several months: (1) the need for solo travelers to meet other solo travelers; and (2) the power of a social network to allow people to keep in touch and follow other adventurers.

So, (1) + (2) = YowTRIP!

YowTRIP is the result of four months of hard work, long nights and weekends. I'm very excited about it and look forward to hearing your opinion and maybe meeting you on the road someday.

I invite you to check out our demo, visit my YowTRIP page, join YowTRIP and don't forget to tell your friends about YowTRIP!