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About Eric Michael Hopper: Eric Michael Hopper began his musical journey at the age of six when he discovered the keys of a piano. From there, he never looked back. Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Eric's experiences would inevitably find themselves embedded in song. Over the years, he became the frontman and writer for several bands, where he began playing guitar. This would add a dynamic and certain versatility to his songwriting approach. He has spent decades working toward making music for a living and crafting hearfelt songs about his journey along the way. His recently released solo album entitled Eric Michael Hopper "Cross Over" is continuing to be embraced with worldwide public support. The inspiration for this record is mirrored in every song by his true-life struggle and journey. This journey has taken him from humble small town beginnings, to making his national television debut on the CBS Early Show as a result of the thousands of fans that have embraced him on the web. In 2006 he consistently maintained the #1 most viewed pages on the myspace country music chart for over a year, topping over 22,000 artists. At one point he reached the #10 most viewed music pages of 1.3 million artists of all genres worldwide. He has been referred to by FOX television hosts as "a working stiff become cyberspace superstar". In addition, recently featured him on their front page. Eric is considered by many to be a pioneer of the new media paradigm of the music industry. This success he has found through thousands of online fans has prompted his movement into the mainstream media. -Self produces and writes his CD entitled "Cross" Over from his home studio in Buford Ga -Eric becomes the #1 most viewed country music artist on for 1 full year Aug 06 -Eric reaches the #10 most view pages worldwide of 1.3 million artists of all genres of music Aug 06 -Eric makes his National Television Debut as a Guest and Performer on the CBS Early Show Sept 06 -Eric makes a TV Guest appearance and performance on FOX Good Day Atlanta Oct 06 -Eric's Video for "Love at First Sight" reaches #1 Top Rated Music Videos and #4 Top Rated Videos of all Videos on Oct 06 -Featured as the next country star on Front Page of Nov 06 -His video for Love at First Sight is voted onto TV by the online public and begins airing in 11 MILLION Comcast Digital Cable subscriber homes March 07 -Eric appears as a Guest and Performer on NBC's "Daytime" Morning Show syndicated throughout the southeast Jan 07 -Eric Featured again as a Guest and Performer on NBC's "Daytime" Morning Show syndicated throughout the southeast March 07 -Eric Featured on the Ion Networks "smart country" March o7 -Has received OVER 1.5 MILLION plays of his songs on -Has received Nearly 1 MILLION online views of his Self Produced Video for his song "Love at First Sight" -Referred to by FOX TV host as "a working stiff become cyberspace superstar". -Voting Member National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Categories of Artist, Vocalist, Musician, producer, songwriter, engineer) -Listed on Feb 07 / "Love at First Sight" Featured on CMT Loaded -Sponsored by/Endorses Paul Reed Smith Guitars, -Sponsored by/Endorses GuitarsCAD Pro Mics -Sponsored by/Endorses Dean Markley Strings -Featured on Clear Channel Discover New Website -Recently added to rotation Thunder Country 100.3 Distributed to retail nationwide through Transworld FYE For More info Visit these sites... Google "Eric Michael Hopper"