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Chris Williams

Beverly Hills, California, United States
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1993 Boston University , BS

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Chris M. Williams has been producing cutting-edge entertainment for ten years. He currently serves as CEO for two companies that he founded, FanLib, Inc. and My2Centences LLC where he leads the teams in building key business relationships, developing new projects, spearheading strategy and overseeing operations. His wide-ranging experience as a successful internet executive, film and television producer, and advertising sales director allow him to effectively bridge the worlds of marketing, entertainment and online media. In 1996, Williams joined upstart Yahoo! as one of its first sales and business development executives. Over the next five years, he quickly rose to the position of Director of Market Development, generating over $300-million in revenue and managing a team of over thirty people. After forming My2Centences LLC, an entertainment production company, with partner Craig Singer in late 2001, Williams set off producing feature films, including festival favorites A Good Night to Die and Dead Dogs Lie. His recently completed horror film Dark Ride stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler of The Sopranos and was released in 500 theaters by Lionsgate Entertainment in November 2006 as part of the film series 8 Films to Die For. Since the DVD was released in late March 2007 it has sold over 1,000,000 copies and is set to have its television premiere on SciFi Network in October 2007. He also recently served as a Consulting Producer on the Spike Television series King of Vegas. In October 2006 Williams secured $3,000,000 in venture capital for his latest new media venture, FanLib, Inc., a spin-off of My2Centences LLC, that focuses exclusively on online participatory entertainment. FanLib’s partners include CBS, Showtime Networks, MSN, HarperCollins and Disney. Williams graduated from Boston University's College of Communications in 1993 with a BS degree in Broadcast and Film. He currently lives in Beverly Hills with his wife Carrie and son Gabriel.